Based on the risks in MBIA's portfolio, as assessed by Moody's according to the approach outlined above, estimated stress-case losses would be in the range of $13.7 billion. This compares to Moody's estimate of MBIA's claims paying resources of approximately $16.1 billion, resulting in a total capital ratio of about 1.2x, which is significantly in excess of the "minimum" Aaa level, but short of the 1.3x Aaa "target" level by about $1.7 billion.

へー、最大推定損失額は137億ドルだけど、161億円は用意できるからAAAということですか。ちなみに今日のMBIAのMarket Capは21億ドルです。何かがオカシイ。
by stupid-market | 2008-02-28 10:38 | Rating Agency
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