Negative Yield

Yields on five-year Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities fell below zero for a third day on investor speculation that inflation will quicken as the U.S. economy slows.

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No Greek Gods in the Market

Greece closed its stock and bond markets after central bank employees went on strike for a second straight day, joining subway and utility workers in national protests against pension reform.

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Economists are smart

If you get to live in a nice home for a few years and then lose it to foreclosure, you are not worse off than someone who never got to live in a nice home in the first place.

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Big Loss of the Day? --- HSBC

New York Timesより:
HSBC's pretax profit rose 10 percent last year, driven by buoyant growth in Asia which helped Europe's biggest bank absorb $17.2 billion in bad debts as the U.S. housing crisis deepened.

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There’s an old joke that Jacob Frenkel, formerly of Chicago and then the Bank of Israel, used to tell to illustrate the fallacy of thinking that you always have to do the opposite of what caused the initial problem. A driver runs over a pedestrian; he looks back, realizes what he’s done. “I’m so sorry,” he says. “Let me fix the damage.” So he backs up, running over the pedestrian a second time.

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